People Investment – Are You Getting it Right?

It’s easy to make a mistake and get stuck with the WRONG people for your business.

If you are looking to make your next ‘People Investment’ why not talk to One21 Recruitment about managing the recruitment process for you? It’s very easy to get it wrong, but as your dedicated Recruitment Business Partner and Hiring Outsourcer, we can help you get it right!

One21 offers the following …..

1. Lead Generation

With Creative and compelling Job Ads uploaded in all the right places. Don’t waste time wondering if the one job ad you’ve paid for is getting seen by the right people – One21 tests out ALL the relevant JOB SITES on a regular basis, keeps on top of what’s new, and uploads Job Ads that get results.

Leveraging top technology platforms One21 sources talented skill-holders through our established and extensive networks, utilizing multitudes of job sites, databases, and social media channels.

One21 has an ‘always open for business Talent Acquisition Pipeline – in other words, we may already have your next hire on our books.

Targeted selection and headhunting searches – our job notifications are sent through talent sites, database pools, and job sites and are targeted at both active job seekers on the market and those who are not looking right now, but may be tempted by just the right opportunity…

One21 works with other recruitment agencies – our aim is to find the absolute best person for the job, so we will happily negotiate fees and open the windows of opportunity wide to ensure you don’t miss out on the right candidates.

2. Employer Branding

We market YOUR Business Brand and Story on all our Job Ads…… others may hide the employer’s details but we promote them.

Full Transparency = MORE Quality Candidates Applying

However at times (and for a myriad of reasons), you may just want us to do a blanket search and establish a pool of candidates before giving away too much about the company and role, and if so we revert to using our own well-known and trusted agency brand.

We can also post and manage Ads on your own LinkedIn company pages, social media, and websites, ensuring no stone is left unturned and all your own networks are tapped into.

Business woman

3. Job Market Knowledge

Our knowledge of the current job market, salaries, supply and demand, and where and when to advertise often makes all the difference in filling a role that others can’t.

Remote digital nomads and hiring chameleons – we can recruit from anywhere, for anyone, for any industry from top to toe – no matter the profession or the location.

This takes research, skill, experience, contacts, resources, and a great deal of professional expertise and emotional intelligence but One21 loves a challenge and has proven success in filling highly specialized positions, searching for needles in haystacks for virtually impossible-to-fill roles, as well as dealing with extremely large volumes and quantities of applicants for generalist positions.

4. NOT just CV Spammers and Forwarders…

We won’t just send you a CV without adding value. We do due diligence on shortlisted candidates and make sure their application has all the information you require, is in the right places to make an informed decision, and does not waste time.

Don’t waste even more time in Interviews asking the basic questions just to fill in the gaps. Our Pre-employment screening and use of insightful application questionnaires with candidate photos provide a ton of value – we provide the answers so you can get down to the nitty-gritty – is this the right person for the job? And is this job the right one for them?

We can help you with Interviews – either sitting in as your HR Partner running panel interviews and being your sounding board to bounce opinions and/or giving you a full range of individualized interview questions to help you get the best information from each candidate.

Every applicant is available for you to view – we give you a short-list of candidates and can also provide information on every individual who applies – often it is hard to know exactly what you are looking for until you are well into the recruitment process, and you don’t want to miss out on a potential employee just because they don’t tick all the preliminary boxes!

And some job-seekers may just be the perfect fit for other roles within your organization.


One21 carries out comprehensive Reference checks with past employers, along with checking on hard skills, soft skills, cultural needs, values, and team fit for your organization.

We look into any Red Flags raised along the way, read between the lines on what is not being said, and are astute judges of character.

6. Utilising Technology with ATS Tools.

Much like your own Personal Assistant and Project Manager we coordinate and run interviews and calendar confirmations and take care of all administration tasks associated with recruiting – yes there’s a lot of it, but we have the know-how, tools, resources, processes, and Applicant Tracking Systems to make it at least seem easy.

7. Candidate Relationship Management is KEY!

We are highly responsive with Candidate Communication throughout the process – keeping your reputation intact as an Employer of Choice that is courteous and one who actually gets back to their applicants! Today’s candidate might be tomorrow’s customer and we want to look after them well.

8. Unbiased Processing

We are the ‘Buffer in the Middle’ providing a neutral hiring process for internal applicants, family, friends, staff, and other recruiter referrals. We ensure personal associations don’t prejudice hiring decisions – putting all internal and external applicants through the same unbiased and professional process and removing you and your staff from any awkward associations.

9. Sourcing Internationally

We can find talent from all over the world. And if you are making a skilled hire from overseas, then providing proof of extensive Recruitment Agency advertising is often essential for Immigration NZ Visa applications. We help make this process as seamless and timely as possible and can also provide your new employees with helpful information, links, and tips for getting settled here and helping their spouses/partners find employment too.

10. Transparent Costs

As to your preferred supplier, our pre-negotiated Fixed fees mean there are NO High Commissions fluctuating with each salary package. This means our costs won’t get in the way if you need to pay more to secure the right person. And you can trust we are not rushing to just get a bum on a seat, forcing a sale, or counter-negotiating to make another dollar, as our fee remains the same no matter what the outcome.


11. Contract and Salary Negotiations

Another ‘buffer’ in the middle, we provide assistance with job offers and acceptances, salary negotiations, and getting contracts completed and back to HR.

Our candidates trust us – we don’t want them going into a role or company that isn’t right for them, so we openly discuss any problems, iron out any concerns and hasten any delays and make sure your perfect person isn’t lost to a competitor just because they’ve been offered a day off on their birthday!

12. Sustainable Hiring is our motto – we are not just after a quick fix.

We want to get it right from the start, so if the job market is at a low, supply is not matching demand, the timing is wrong, or the right person just isn’t around, then we will be honest with you, go back to the drawing board and continue pulling out all the stops.

You always make the final hiring decision, but we give you all the support and information necessary to ensure you feel confident in your choice.

We may have little control or input into what happens next, but getting the match and expectations right between our valued clients and candidates from the start means there’s a far better chance of long-term sustainable relationships for everyone involved.

And using One21 as your recruitment outsourcer of choice for all your hiring needs is our goal – so we obviously have a vested interest in YOUR INVESTMENT.

One21 has a Passion for Helping People into Professions and getting a Buzz out of Innovative Job Advertising and providing a robust, fair, and respectful Recruitment Process that gets Results.

One21 establishes recruiting relationships with Our Clients where we really get to know you, your company, and your hiring needs. If you would like to discuss One21’s recruitment process outsourcing services please get in touch today.

This article by Kirsty Morrison  was originally published on LinkedIn