Internal vs External Recruitment

Why choose when you can have both

One21 combines the advantages of having an Internal Recruiter on-call (whose not on your permanent payroll), with the benefits of outsourcing to an external Recruitment Agency and Acquisition Specialist for sourcing, attracting, and onboarding talent.

Kirsty Morrison teams up with your HR / Hiring Manager to define job requirements and takes responsibility for all pre-hire tasks – ad writing and marketing; screening, qualifying; reference, skills, culture, and team-fit checking; coordinating interviews; communications; negotiations, feedback, and after-hire follow up.

One21 is agile and resourceful and can get the word out in a hurry and move swiftly to fill any temp, contract, or permanent position.

However, we don’t just place a vacancy on one job site and hope for the best. Nor are we CV spammer/forwarders sending through high volumes of unqualified CVs to try and just fill a seat and earn a commission. Our clients hire us to manage the process and work with them to secure the best person for the job.

Leveraging technology platforms to source skill-holders, our creative and compelling ads are shared through well-established and extensive networks and links, across a multitude of job sites and social media channels, with notifications sent to both active and passive job seekers through targeted selection searches, ensuring everybody knows your company is hiring now.


One21 Job Interview

One21’s clients receive the benefits of working solely with just one dedicated recruitment consultant throughout the entire process and can be assured robust pre-employment selection criteria are completed. One21’s shortlisting includes candidate photos, summaries, and insightful application questionnaires and saves clients a great deal of time pre-interview, as well as digging deep and asking the often tough questions of referees and past employers. The final hiring decision is of course always up to our clients.

We run a neutral hiring process, which is essential for companies with internal applicants or staff referrals. All candidates are put through the same unbiased and fair application steps, without any personal associations within the company prejudicing a hiring decision, or upsetting internal relationships.

We assist with contract and salary negotiations and make the hiring process easy by being the ‘buffer’ in the middle.

One21 can also help with visa applications through Immigration NZ, by providing the essential proof of advertising through a recruitment agency, required to fill skills shortage positions with overseas hires.

Showcasing the benefits of working for your business

Stepping outside traditional recruiting methods, One21 includes our client’s branding and company profile on job ads, so potential applicants know the who / why / what / where and can make informed decisions on whether to apply. We showcase the benefits of working for your business and use every opportunity to promote your place and its people, culture, values, services, and products.

Also, unlike the traditional Recruitment Agency model, One21 doesn’t charge high percentage commissions, instead offering cost-effective fixed-fee pricing that does not fluctuate with a candidate’s job offer and salary package and is just as affordable for lower-level roles as it is for highly-skilled, technical and senior management positions.

Why such attractive fees? Because One21 wants to establish ongoing business and recruit from tip to toe with companies we know well.

Whenever you need to make a new hire (whatever role, level, or skills are required) One21 is ready to jump back on board as your internal/external recruiter. We get to know your business and people well and enjoy the ongoing benefits of building a great team.

We have successfully found talent and filled high-profile positions for reputable organizations both in Tauranga, the Bay of Plenty where we are based and throughout New Zealand. One21 has a reputation of being a small niche business that exceeds customer expectations and is a worthy rival for any larger recruitment agencies in New Zealand and we have the Industry Awards and hundreds of successful placements to prove this.

These are just some of the reasons One21 – The Recruitment Outsourcer should be your preferred supplier of staff and your exclusive recruiter of choice.

This article by Kirsty Morrison was originally published on LinkedIn

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